Happy 2018!

Just a little note to wish everyone reading this a very Happy New Year!

I hope 2018 is a good, happy, healthy year for you and yours, and you achieve whatever you set out to over the next twelve months.

I don’t have any specific writing goals this year, other than to edit and rework the stories I’ve already written and hopefully take a step closer to getting them published. I’ve got other stories brewing in my mind but none of them appear to be ready to flow just yet.

For non-writing related resolutions, this year I resolve to be more in the moment. Life can be fleeting, and I’d like to make the most of the time I have and appreciate the little things more. One such thing is the beauty of a simple sunrise; it happens every day but when you’d stop to watch it, it really can be breathtaking. These photographs are my first step in doing so, taken this morning as the sun rose on the first day of 2018.

Here’s to making good memories this year, and hoping they help us through the rockier times that life throws at us.

Happy New Year, lovelies xx

New Year’s Writing Resolutions

I’ve set myself a challenge of writing between 500 and 1,000 words per day this year.

Some days, I’m sure I’ll fall short. Other days, I hope I’ll do more so those bad writing days don’t impact my goal too much.

Yesterday, I wrote 1365. Today, 835. Total for 2017 so far: 2200.

I had written more for today, but ended up scrapping a load of scribbles when I typed up what I had written in my notepad. (I also ordered two more notepads in the Paperchase sale as motivation for more writing on the go – unrelated but not entirely so to the rest of this post.)

I think I’ll be happy if I manage to finish my current WIP (book 2) and the next novel in the quartet this year. Ideally I’d get book 4 done, too, but I have to be realistic. 2+ books in one year when working full time might not be feasible.

That said, I’ve also been looking at alternative working options. Freelancing. It’d be hard work to make a living from it at first but I think the payoff of being able to work flexible hours might be worth it. Something to think about, something to consider.

What are your writing resolutions? If anyone would like to share them so we can support each other in our 2017 writing goals, please do get in touch 🙂