‘Trigger’ ebook cover

Genre: Romantic Suspense / Thriller

Published: 12 Feb 2013 

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What makes a loving father stab his wife and children before turning the knife onto himself?

What makes a rational woman kill her co-workers, and then shoot herself?

Chloe Lawson, Special Agent with the FBI, is trying to find out. Each of the murderers received a phone call mere minutes before their killing spree. Each of the murderers killed themselves, almost as if programmed to do so…

The investigation leads Chloe and her partner, Liam Reynolds, to a man who calls himself the Maestro, the man behind the show. He uses hypnotism to teach his performers their lines, their actions in the game he controls from the safety of his ivory tower. When he realises Chloe is getting close to stopping him, he draws her into the game and leaves her a trail of bloody breadcrumbs leads her back to the city she left five years.

FBI Special Agent Mark Phillips, Chloe’s former mentor and partner, is surprised by Chloe’s sudden reappearance in his life but sees it as his second chance at making things right. Now divorced from his wife and a devoted father to his thirteen year old daughter, Mark is determined to both help catch the Maestro and keep Chloe in his life.

The Maestro has realised that Chloe may be the one agent to bring him down… unless he brings her down first. He makes it clear he wants her to be part of the final act, teasing her that someone she loves might become his next and greatest player – and she might be the trigger.


“Brilliantly written, well recommended!” –

“Loved it! I was only reading a few chapters at a time – but suddenly its 2am and I have to finish it up! A fantastic read that kept me guessing from beginning to end! You won’t be disappointed.” –

“A promising debut from a talented author.” –