A Knight to Remember
A Knight to Remember (Knights & Brides #1)


A Knight to Remember…

Ex-soldier James Knight is looking for a new role to fill his days after leaving the army. What he’s not looking for is anything romance related. Despite what his sisters tell him, he has no interest in falling in love…

Approached by Henry Ward, the assignment seems simple enough: follow Ward’s client for a few days and report on anything suspicious.

Sounds easy enough.

The client in question is Cassandra Beaumont, owner and head designer of Beaumont Bridal. Still grieving the loss of her beloved grandfather in a burglary gone wrong, Cassie is determined to throw herself into her job and doesn’t take Henry’s concerns for her safety seriously. It was a tragic accident, nothing more and nothing less.

But tragic accidents have a tendency to happen around Cassie, and when her studio suffers a break-in, she’s forced to accept that may there is something going on.

Romance and danger combine in this contemporary romance, the first in the Knights and Brides series.

5 star review on “This story was in my kindle for a year before I brought it on vacation to enjoy on the beach… I wish I had ordered the sequels too and will quickly be ordering them when I arrive home….a fun read with interesting characters and a family secret….”

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Knight and Day (Knights & Brides #2) 

Knight and Day

Private security services available, Knight and Day…

Knight’s fledgeling security business, not knowing just what – or who – was in store.

Partnering with a former teammate seemed like a great idea at the time. Ethan Knight was looking for a change in direction and agreed to join James

When his secret relationship with wedding dress designer, Andi Cartwright, takes an unexpected turn, Ethan finds himself taking on a new case at the security firm, protecting a wannabe pop star from the threat of a stalker.

Cassie Beaumont, meanwhile, is struggling to come to terms with family secrets that are now out in the open.

As both Ethan and Cassie struggle with ghosts from the past, can their growing relationships with Andi and James give them the strength to overcome the past and embrace a new, uncharted future? /

One More KnightOne More Knight (Knights & Brides #3) 

Love is in the air at Beaumont Bridal, and there’s a wedding on the way…


As Knight and Day security services take on what could be their most challenging case yet, Cassie and Andi have to create their most important dress to date: Cassie’s own!

While Ethan and James struggle to protect an artist and her family against the threat of a woman obsessed with them, Cassie and Andi try to find a balance between meeting the demands of Beaumont Bridal and planning Cassie’s upcoming wedding.

As an ex-girlfriend with an unexpected connection to the group ends up in the mix and Andi and Ethan’s romance encounters an unexpected bump in the road, the question is will any of them get their happy ending or will fate cruelly intervene? /