Day 7, and the first week is done!

… How has it been a week already? Doesn’t seem two minutes since NaNoWriMo 2016 kicked off and here we are, one week down.

Yesterday, I succeeded in hitting 15,341 words so I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to find time to write today. I’ll kick myself for it come next Monday when I’m lagging behind but there was a good reason for it.

Today, in the twenty minutes I was able to grab at my desk, I plotted. I schemed. I planned.

Nope, it wasn’t to figure out who it is taking other people’s things from the fridge in the staff room (today’s missing item: a boiled egg. I know. Random, right?)

I plotted out the next couple of chapters of LWL2, and surprisingly, got inspiration for a twist in the tale where LWL3 is concerned.

I’m really starting to like all of the characters in this series now. When I wrote the first book, I had a clear favourite and couldn’t wait to tell her story. Now I love all four of the characters who’ll each have a chance to shine if the series pans out the way I want it to, and I find I can quite easily slip into each characters mind and see how the scene would unfold from their perspective.

I hope that because I can easily relate to the characters, anyone who reads the series if/when it sees the light of day will be able to, too. I hope they’re likeable, despite their flaws, and that people will get behind them and root for them to achieve the goals each of them sets out to in their individual stories.

And here ends today’s rambling post. I’ve got three intense training days ahead of me at work so not sure if my brain will be able to function enough to write in my spare time.

Happy writing!

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