… As nephew #1 would say.

Ahem. Sorry.

I’ve finally typed up my weekend’s scribbles, added a little bit more and logged in to the NaNo website to update my word count and check out my stats.

(This is where I’d insert a drum roll if I could…)

My total for the last few days is 9,708 words. My overall total for this NaNoWriMo project so far is 14,055 words – so I’m 4,055 ahead of schedule!


This giddy sense of achievement is going to be short-lived, I suspect. This week is going to be a nightmare at work so breaks in which I can get some writing done will be few and far between. Next weekend, I’m on babysitting duty for my nephews from Friday night to lunch time on Sunday – so there’ll be no writing catch up sessions then, either.

As far as the story goes, Elle has now been well and truly established, and the other characters from the previous book in the series have been introduced. There’s something about writing dialogue when the four of them get together that just makes me smile and flows easily, which makes it a pleasure to write.

I’ve started to hint at and build towards the first big event that’s going to test Elle, which I expect to happen in the next two/three chapters or so. So far, the story’s on track for how it’s supposed to go in my head and on track with the hastily scrawled outline of where I need to be by the middle of the book.

That reminds me, I’ve always wondered how other people tackle NaNoWriMo. Do you plan how you want your story to go before 1st November or do you just start writing and see where it takes you?

Happy Sunday, lovely people, and happy writing!

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