Considering it’s only day two, this isn’t a great post to be writing!

I fear I may have made a fatal mistake.

The weekend before NaNoWriMo started, I read the first two books in a series, and told myself my reward for completing the month-long writing challenge would be being able to sit down and enjoy the final two. (It’s the Edge series, by Ilona Andrews if anyone’s interested. Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it – I’m a long-time fan of her Kate Daniel’s series, and her new series, and finally decided to treat myself to the ones I haven’t yet read.)


My timing sucks.

I absolutely adored the first two books of the series, and am desperate to read the final two. I can hear them calling to me from my kindle, coaxing me, telling me that it’s okay to put the writing on hold – “your characters aren’t going anywhere, their story can wait… Why extend the energy putting something in your head in words when someone else has already done it so brilliantly for you to enjoy? It’s not forever… Just a little delay…”

I’m trying to resist at the moment, but wondering if there may be some truth into that old Borg saying about resistance being futile…

Word count update for the day: 1797 words today, 3289 words total. Hmm.

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