Hello, and welcome!

I’ve always known that I’d have to get a website/blog up and running as part of my choice to pursue my dream of writing full time. I’ve also always known that to do so requires a great deal of time, energy, commitment and patience – and some of those I don’t have in great supply!

Please bear with me in the weeks and months to come as I figure out what I’m doing and how I want to do it. If I go radio silent for a while… Well, chances are I’ve got my nose stuck in a book (or e-book) or I’m scribbling away in a notepad somewhere trying to capture the latest idea/scene/piece of dialogue.

I’ll introduce myself a little, since I’ve got this page open and there’s a tiny chance someone might come across it. I’m a thirty-something writer based in England. I’ve written eight novels to date but have so far only published one. The genres I write in range from romance to fantasy, young adult to suspense. It all depends on what inspiration strikes when.

The novels gathering dust on my computer will surface and see the light of day eventually. I just need time to edit, polish and go through the motions of creating a finished product I am absolutely 100% ready to share with the world. What format that’ll take, whether I’ll submit to traditional publishers or digital publishers or self-publish myself.

Writing aside, I am a little bit of a book addict. I was (affectionately, I hope) referred to as a book worm by my grandparents from a very young age and hope to someday put that to good use by reviewing some of the very many amazing books I’ve read and sharing my thoughts with anyone who cares to read them.

I’m also a TV addict, when I get the time to binge/catch up on my favourite shows, so might babble a little about some of them sometime. Most of my favourite shows, it has to be said, have actually been off the air for a few years – I’m just slow to join the party!

What else might you be subjected to… I love fashion and pretty things. I have a girly side that sometimes comes out when I least expect it. So there may be the occasional post about things that glitter/shine/cost far more money than I could ever hope to afford.

And that’s basically me in a nutshell, and what I hope this blog will one day become.


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